Thursday, 30 June 2011

cute VASTI

Here is another guy i found in , he is 24 years old from Subic, Zambales. I find him sooooo sexxxxyyyy and yummy! How I wish he have showed more skin....ggggraaawrrrrr...more interesting fact is that he talks about himself a his profile...

iM KiNDa joker aND a BRaT...-although i may seem snobbish, i promise i'm not... i'm a very kind- hearted person.. which sometimes, brings me to trouble. i get easily attached to people , i easily trust them.. which in turn, i get hurt... it may seem that people will take advantage of me but who am i to know right? i'm just a person too... i get easily blinded.. most of the time, i get accused of certain things that i haven't even done.. and that'd do pathetic... although i may say things unintentionally, i swear,it's just a spur of the moment scenario and will fade quickly... i hope.. as much as possible, i help people.. i love to see the look on their faces when they achieve something.. it's like looking into a child's eye when you bring him to a candy store.. i know i'm not perfect... i regret doing some things but what can i do? i sometimes tend to "give" too much because i want to really help out... and unfortunately,sometimes, it turns out that people often look at it in a different way... a boy who is lucky enough to have everything that life could offer but something is still missing..i often get confused when it comes to determining love... which is real and which is not... it's because for me, love has no definition...lastly... even though i know that God has given me many blessings.... and I thank Him for that, i really do think that there is one thing still missing...despite of the good things i did, i can go to the extreme in regardless of what manner... especially when i get hurt...I love people who are genuine. Sincere. Honest. Indiscriminate. Pure heart and soul. I'd like to meet people that inspire. People of equal or greater intelligence than myself. ...Someone that can tell me something I don't know. People on a quest, and I don't mean the ambitous higher status-hungry quest not as good as enough,but want to have a long term relationship though its hard to believe dat coz i look young...but dats i want,i have dreamed dat someday im gonna find my lucky partner..i wish everytym i had a relationships that at least 1year its good enough for me..i know people always saying dat i look like a flirty guy,playboy and user..i dnt care wat people say is dis is me,but people dnt knw who really i am..if i fell dat i really love dat person ill show him wat's d best i can do..i want to change everything about me...people always judge me,and i don't care about them still im happy,loveable and true person..wish me LUCK find my luck guy..i hope my dreams can come true!!

sooooo delicious yummmyyyy boy!!!!!


Anonymous said...

he is for hire... nakausap ko na sya sa mirc... the price is 2k, you can fuck him in that price....

xoxoxo said...

hmmm 2k? sa tingin ko ay sulit naman yun pero pag for hire sya baka maluwang na....pero ayos na rin tutal tagal ako labasan

Anonymous said...

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